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Since 1998


Collective farm PoljoFlora is established in 1998. in Toponica, community Knić, on the principles of modern cooperative movement, based on the founder deposit. Since its foundation, with members of cooperative and collaborators, its job is producing and circulation agricultural products as well as circulation of all repro material connected to agricultural production needs.

Since 2002. it starts processing vegetable cultures, with members of cooperative, by technology of souring, using traditional experience of this area, which is made for centuries. One of the best-known products, beside everything else, is Gruža's sour cabbage. Vacuum finishing has high rate of quality in domestic and Western-European market.

Besides confirming quality in domestic and foreign market in the last couple of years, it gets gold medals for high quality on agricultural fair in Novi Sad . Mission of the PoljoFlora firm is to become regional leader in production and processing of vegetable cultures using technology of souring.

  • Gruža's sour cabbage - head
  • Gruža's sour cabbage - rolls
  • Gruža's sour cabbage - leaf
  • Gruža's sour cabbage - sauerkraut


Products: Gruža's sour cabbage head, leaf, sauerkraut, (mixed salad, pepper, green tomato, gherkin, cauliflower, and carrot).

There are many types of cabbage widely used in human food , and they are all originally from wild species BRASSICA SILVESTRIS, which is spread in the area of Mediterranean sea . For food people use leaves because of the high presence of proteins, carbohydrates, mineral substances and vitamin C. It is used fresh, boiled and soured. It is one of the most spread vegetable cultures.

Collective Farm POLJO-FLORA

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